What Escorts Love in a Client

What do the best escorts in London love about their best clients? Well, speaking from my perspective as an escort I can tell you about some of the traits that I love best in my favourite clients. First of all, it’s very important that a client is trustworthy, shows up on time and always pays the full amount – I don’t have time for people who don’t. Beyond that, it’s really nice when a client treats me like a lady – not just someone whose companionship he has paid for. I am a person too – so when a client takes the time to speak to me and get to know me it really makes me feel more comfortable around him.

Personally… I also love clients who are a little more adventurous and fun in the bedroom. I’ve had plain old vanilla sex a million times – but I still get a thrill from dressing up for a role play scenario, arranging a threesome or indulging some other fun fantasy. It’s so exciting when we can be creative in bed and have a little fun!

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