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Fun Memories of an Elite Escort

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As a top escort in London there are no shortages of fun experiences and memories made during the average day at work. Just like any other job there are certain aspects of the work that are more enjoyable than others but...

What to Expect From Top End Escorts

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Top end escorts in London are not only beautiful and sexy women, but also they are smart, friendly and intuitive with the skills to make any man feel comfortable and get the most out of the experience. The real beauty o...

Let English Escorts Enhance Your Life

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Investing in the services of English escorts is something that an increasing number of respectable men are turning to, and the perks are far greater and wider ranging than simply the obvious. For many men, visiting the r...

What Are Your Impressions of British Escorts?

Posted on by LV
What do you think about when someone says “British Escorts”? Do you imagine a scantily clad woman smoking a cigarette on a street corner, jumping in the car of anyone who drives past? Take that image out of your head...

Are You Considering Escorts for Your First Sexual Experience?

Posted on by LV
As an escort I sometimes encounter men who have decided to contact an escort agency in London for their very first sexual experience. It’s not as uncommon as you might think – sometimes there are guys who haven’t ...

What Escorts Love in a Client

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What do the best escorts in London love about their best clients? Well, speaking from my perspective as an escort I can tell you about some of the traits that I love best in my favourite clients. First of all, it’s ve...

Why I Got Involved With Escorts

Posted on by LV
There is just something so sexy and irresistible about high end escorts! I knew that I wanted to be one because I had a friend who was in the business. She told me about the glamorous fun she had getting dressed up for h...

Why You Shouldn’t Arrive Late… Or Early

Posted on by LV
If there are two types of clients that annoy escorts such as myself, they are clients who arrive late – and clients who arrive early. Yes, both of these types of clients can be a real pain for different reasons! When ...

Meeting With Escorts Is More Than Just Sex

Posted on by LV
When you meet up with escorts in London such as myself, it’s important to keep in mind that you are paying for more than just sex. If it was just a simple sexual act you craved, so that you could enjoy a release and be...

The Appeal of Seeing Escorts

Posted on by LV
In my years in the business I have seen that there is a myth perpetuated out there that men who opt for escort services are ugly losers who cannot get sex in any other way. However, this is not necessarily true. In fact,...




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