What Makes Us The Best?

What differentiates the best escorts – that is a question I often ask myself. If you are a regular reader of theescortblog.com you’ll see that, quite rightly, myself and my colleagues pride ourselves on our wit and intelligence.

So that is one area where we differ from other agencies. Book me, or book one of my fabulous colleagues and you know you will be getting a woman who can talk to you on any subject. Your evening will not be boring, and you take us anywhere, something that can’t be said of every London escort.

Naturally, as elite escorts, we are also very beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think any of us are vain, or over confident because of our looks. We just know that we are attractive and we know that so many men (and women!) appreciate that.

We have certain things in common which men love – long, silky glossy hair which we will wear up or down for you, whatever your preference. Then there are our bodies. It is my experience that men like a variety of bodies – so certain of us have the curviest kinds of body, delicious hips, a big booty and breasts that spill over bra cups.

Then, there are some of us who have endless legs – the kind of legs that should only ever wear stockings and suspenders, and preferably a very high heel.

There are men, though, that prefer slimmer figures – a boy-ish kind of look and we elite escorts can help with that preference too.

Naturally, we are all always well-dressed. We pick the clothes that enhance whatever our own particular assets are, and we make sure we are well-groomed. Our hair will be well-brushed and beautifully styled and our make-up immaculate. A lot of men like red lipstick and nails, but there are others who prefer a more natural look – we oblige whatever the preference.

Does that explain it? We pride ourselves on the high-class service we provide. Book one of us and you’ll never regret it.

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