I Do Both

Back again, well I’m now in the mood for blogging and my last post proved to be pretty popular so I guess you could say I’m in demand.

And not only as an expert blogger, I might add. I think my description of my appearance and my admittance that I liked all kinds of men myself triggered off a rash of bookings. Those who did book me were delighted that I work for a top escort agency in London – it might be small, but the quality of men and women provided is top class, I always say.

Anyway, back to the world of male escorts. Of course, I cater for men and women. A lot of the time my dates with female clients are about companionship or from someone looking for a person to accompany them to an event.

My regular client is a rich businesswoman who doesn’t have time for relationships, but likes a good-looking guy to go out for a meal with her from time to time. Sometimes, she takes me out for business-related events and I’ve gone to quite a few of them with her, so many so that I’ve met up with some of her business partners and colleagues a number of times.

They practically take me for her boyfriend. She and I have conducted this great back story about me for those people. I get a bit of a kick out of my acting skills and they seem convinced by the story of Dan, the wannabe actor who happened to meet Lucinda* when she attended a play he was in.

Then I have some other regular clients – guys, and guys who are looking for rather more than what Lucinda is looking for. There are men out there with ferocious appetites – but large or small, I guarantee your appetite won’t be a problem for me.

*not her real name.

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