Fun Memories of an Elite Escort

As a top escort in London there are no shortages of fun experiences and memories made during the average day at work. Just like any other job there are certain aspects of the work that are more enjoyable than others but you can bet your bottom dollar that every escort in the business has a particular event or memory that they will take with them throughout their life. Some people enjoy the conversational side of things and the incredible opportunities with which we are presented allowing us to meet interesting people from all over the world. While I understand the attraction and enjoyment gained from this aspect of the work, in my case my favourite memories are definitely a little more intimate and salacious.

As one of the best escorts in London, dates with me tend to begin somewhere in London, typically in a bar or restaurant type setting. On this one particular evening I was meeting a new client who turned out to be rather new to this kind of situation and undeniably shy and awkward considering the prospects of the evening. This is always my favourite kind of client, as I relish the power and ability I have to draw these guys out of themselves and begin to open them up for some fun with me. I certainly enjoy and have developed quite a talent for the art of seduction and beginning with a strip tease is generally a great way to get things warmed up once we are in a more intimate environment. It certainly seemed to do the trick and the date turned out to be a lot of fun for the pair of us.

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