Personality traits and good grooming

Do you have to be stunningly gorgeous to be a London Escort? If I had a pound for the number of times I’d been asked that question…

Why do people think that? Do they think men only enjoy looking at and spending time with stunning women? Some of the most self-obsessed and boring women I know have been extraordinarily beautiful and I guess men soon come to understand that too – certainly you’d realize that if you met some of our clients, many of whom prefer ‘girl next door’ than movie star looks.

No, most Escorts you’ll find aren’t drop down gorgeous (although many are) but what all successful escorts do have is plenty of personality and, more importantly, charm. They know how to keep their clients entertained and they do so in a non-patronizing, friendly and alluring way. They listen, console and generally act the way an attentive companion should.

They also dress nicely of course, and make sure their face and body are pleasant to look at and in good shape (although we do get quite a few requests from men for ‘larger’ companions) or particular body types and ethnicities.

Good grooming is essential in this profession. You’d think it would go without saying but alas, I catch sight of the odd escort that needs tidied up a bit. For me good grooming means regular pedicures and manicures, hair colouring and cutting at least every six weeks to two months (dry split ends and hair that’s in desperate need of colouring are my personal pet hates) and regular body buffing. And there’s no excuse not to whiten teeth these days either since kits are so easy to obtain.

What else does a good escort do? If she has time, she’ll do a bit of research on her client. Find out his interests and what he likes to talk about. Then she’ll very pleasantly surprise him.

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