Emailing Escorts to Set Up a Meeting

One of the ways that you can set up a meeting with a top escort in London like me is to send me an email. Sometimes it’s the best way, as I am sometimes busy and don’t always have time to answer my phone. When you are sending me an email there are some things that you should keep in mind.

First of all, don’t start with the sexual or suggestive stuff right off the bat. It’s not gentlemanly to start a conversation with “Please do me!” or “I want to put it in your ass”. I don’t need to know how many inches you have. Those emails will usually get deleted right away – be respectful! I may be an escort, but I am also a lady who should be treated with respect.

Instead, introduce yourself politely and tell me a little about yourself. Include your contact number and the best time to call you. A little bit of respect will make a very good first impression and will ensure that I call you or email back. So why not contact me and set up a date this weekend?

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