Say the words ‘escort agencies’ to people and they tend to assume that such agencies serve wealthy and powerful men looking for a beautiful woman to keep them company for the evening. And this is usually the case.

But here at 24/7 Escorts in London, we’ve noticed different developments in the last few years – with more females as clients. I’m all for equal rights and as a strong, independent woman myself; I’m delighted to meet up with female clients who prefer women to men. “Live and let live,” I say.

A night out with a female client can be completely different from an evening spent in male company. Naturally, the same amount of effort goes into my preparation beforehand. I ensure my skin is clean and kissably smooth. I apply a discreet amount of make-up to enhance my features and I spray on a little bit of scent. I find out what the client likes clothes-wise and I pick something out of my wardrobe to match her preferences.

A female client always wants to know a lot more about me, it seems. She’s often curious as to why I have chosen to work for an agency such as 24 hour Escorts in London. Do I enjoy the job? Am I treated well? Am I making good money and are my family and friends aware of what I do for a living? My answers are always “Yes” – to all three. My sister is aware of my job, my mum and dad doesn’t and some of my good friends do.” Interesting and topical conversation is important for most women – as well as men – and I always make sure I’m well read.

I’ve found too that a woman needs to feel really confident and good about her body and herself to really let herself go and enjoy herself. I go out of my way to make sure she gets that, and feels totally desirable – just as I do for my male clients.

After all, everybody needs a little loving to make them feel good, wouldn’t you say?

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