Twenty-Four Seven Availability

Of course, I don’t work nine to five hours so it makes little difference to me when the clocks change and it starts to get darker earlier.

Actually, when it starts to get darker earlier I find many people look for escorts at an earlier time. Maybe it’s the longer nights which make them do this – that they associate escorts (and a good time) with the hours of darkness?

But night-time is not the only time when I’m out and about. I’m one of the 24 hour Escorts in London so sometimes calls come in at 8am in the morning, and sometimes the requests are for an afternoon slot. I can handle most times, so long as I’m well-rested.

The other day I did get a client request for a 7am slot, but it was rather an unusual one. He’d just flown in from the States so he was still on US time and he was jittery with jet-lag because of the time difference. What he really wanted to do, he said, was go out for breakfast, but he wanted someone to do this with as he had just left his home city of New York and a toxic relationship for good.

I obliged, of course. We went to one of the best diners in London and we had pancakes with bacon and maple syrup to help with his home sickness. Then I took him on one of those open-topped bus tours of London so that he could get a feel for his new city and its history. Like many Americans, he was a real history fiend and he did rather enjoy finding out about London’s long and chequered past.

I was able to fill him in on bits and pieces of London history; I know an awful lot of stuff about Southwark and Vauxhall, for example. 24/7 Escorts in London, as you’ll know if you’re a regular reader of aren’t just pretty faces…

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