The Libido Question

Do men have higher sex drives than women…? I get asked that question all the time. As a male escort, I am considered an expert on the area of the male libido and as the owner of a not inconsiderable libido myself I am at liberty to answer that question perfectly.

“Cut to the chase Mark,” I hear you saying, “so do they or don’t they?” The answer is not necessarily, I’m afraid. I’d love to give you the definitive answer, but as one of the escorts in London I meet a lot of people and all I can say for definite is that some people have high sex drives and some people don’t. And that’s it!

I meet up with male and female clients – occasionally at the same time. I don’t find the experiences that much different – well, physical stuff aside, of course. Many of the men who hire male escorts are often happily married straight men, who don’t consider themselves “gay” in the slightest. Call it curiosity, call it the fancy for something different, call it the desire for a hard, muscular gym-honed body. Call it the want for something fast and furious.

[I do slow and gentle too, by the way.]

Then there are my female clients. One woman, a particularly high powered business woman likes to hire a male escort as a way to help her relax. And her favourite way to relax – well it involves the down and dirty, and a lot of it. Her husband, she tells me, can’t keep up with her demands. She loves her husband though, so hiring the down and dirty on the side helps her and helps her marriage.

So the answer is – you can’t apply the cliché men like sex, women like love here. I do what I do, my clients get what they want and everyone is happy. And as far as escorts in London are concerned, we only want our clients to come away feeling happy.

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