Are Escorts Really Available at Any Time?

Yes, we are! In fact, I once got a call at 4am from a regular client who wanted me to come visit him at his hotel room. He was wide awake and feeling in the mood… so why not? That is what the best escorts in London are for, after all! I got dressed up and took a taxi over to see him. The city is so sexy and beautiful at night with the sparkling lights everywhere. I arrived at his hotel and we had a few drinks on the balcony while gazing out at the city. We started to kiss and he moved his hands down to my bottom, giving it a firm squeeze and pulling me closer to him. Soon he was grabbing my hand and we practically ran for the bed, where we stripped each other’s clothes off and I straddled him – my ample breasts dangling before his face (his favourite position). We rode each other in every position until the sun started to come up and the room flooded with light. Exhausted and satisfied, we ordered coffee from the room service and drank it while watching the sunrise.

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