The very first time…

My very first client was when I worked with a top Escort Agency in the city centre. It was a fine place to work; they just didn’t charge very much seeing as many of the girls were just starting out in the profession. Were we wet behind the ears? Maybe a little but we soon made up for our inexperience and moved on to better gigs.

Still, you always remember your first time, don’t you? Mine was with a gentleman from France. He must have been in his mid forties, slim, dark-haired and attentive. He was kind actually. He could obviously tell I was a little nervous and did his best not to appear too dominant or insistent.

We chatted for ages until I relaxed and the rest of the evening was just a blur – a good one. And it was over so quickly. I could hardly believe it. There were kisses at the door and promises to be back in touch. He never did but I believe that’s quite common – for men to get a bit carried away at the time then when reality hits, they kind of shy away.

Not that I was complaining – quite the opposite. I’d heard all these stories from the older girls about clients falling in love and the whole business just getting too messy for words. It’s something I’ve learned ie how to keep a detached distance so that strong emotions can be kept in their place. Passion is fine – passion is great in fact; love – not so much.

Anyway, after that night and my inauguration into the world of escorting, the weeks and months afterwards sped past, not to the extent that I couldn’t distinguish between clients, but rather than I didn’t worry about my capability any more. I started to enjoy myself and I know for a fact that my clients did too.

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