What the Older Lady Offers…

I often get requests from younger men – they want a slightly older escort as they appreciate all that an older and experienced London Escort can offer.

I’ve been in the Cheap Escort Agency business a while now, so I’m open-minded to all kinds of requests and I know how to treat a man well; make him feel as if he’s a great guy and put a smile on his face for the rest of the week. Who doesn’t want to feel great, after all?

It helps too, that I take a great deal of care of my appearance. I’m careful to use sunscreen on my face so I’ve avoided a lot of obvious wrinkles, and I’ve stayed slim and fit all of my life. If I’m seen out and about with a younger man, no-one would think it looked like an odd pairing. Of course, for many of my clients we’re not seen by anyone as my clients are looking for a little TLC at home much of the time.

There are a whole lot of future girlfriends and wives out there who really ought to be writing me thank you letters. I have often taken very rough diamonds, polished them until they shone and sent them out into the world much more experienced and skilled in the techniques a man would be born with if I had my way. I’ve saved them from a lifetime of mediocre relationships.

Shyness often plays a part in a younger man’s decision to choose an older escort. Perhaps he finds women of his own age a little intimidating and difficult to approach. If he’s had a little expert tutoring though, then he knows he can approach women differently and with more confidence. Of course, it may just be that he prefers we older ladies as lord knows, we certainly have so much to offer.

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