Why do women lie about their age?

Older woman have a wealth of experience and anyone who meets our mature escorts knows this very well. There’s a relaxed feeling around a more mature escort. When you take a mature woman out to dinner, you’ll find conversing easier and more fluid, you will also find conversations with her varied. Being with an older woman is sometimes rather different than being with a young woman. It’s not just the age and appearance of her either, there’s a wisdom that’s hard to describe. You’d have to spend time with one to truly understand, but when you consider the simple facts, you’ll begin to see the sense in what we’re saying.

When we are younger, we all want to be a few years older. Being older has a certain allure when you are younger, like the older kids in big school. But at a certain point, we grow older and begin to wish we were young again, Then we start to lie about our age. Why do we do this?

Here are 6 reasons why women hide or lie about their age.

Stigma of growing older

The elderly population are sometimes forgotten. Of course they are also treated with respect and appreciation, but the older generation are usually type cast.  Others seem to view them as ‘has beens’. They get left behind only because people may view them as frail and tired. That’s when women feel the need to lie about their age so they don’t feel invisible.

Staying attractive

There is a double standard in our society regarding men, women and aging. Older men are commonly considered more distinguished and handsome. But even though an older woman is beautiful in her own right, she is less likely to be considered as attractive or desirable as a man her same age.

Staying competitive in the workplace

Ageism is sometimes a negative factor in workplace advancement. Many women may feel they need to lie about their age to stay competitive with workforce younger, fresh talent – all gearing for the same jobs and promotions.

Never ask a lady her age

In many cultures, it has long been considered rude to ask a woman her age. It is seen as compromising her mystique or allure as a woman. Many women still hold true to this idea today. So when asked their age, may feel the need to lie, since she should’ve never been asked in the first place!

Longing for the past

Getting older also means that the girl you once knew is slipping further into the past. Some women may feel that lying about their age will help them hold onto the carefree ways of being young. 

There are so many wonderful memories to be made also as we grow older. It’s time to work towards dispelling the stereotypes surrounding growing older as women. We should begin to fully accept and enjoy who we are at any stage and age of life.

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