Tailor-Made Dating

What do top London escorts have to do to surpass the services of all others? Well let me tell you.

This week one of our finest escorts was invited to a wonderful London hotel as the guest of one of our dear clients. His company had hired out the ballroom in order to have their yearly meeting and employees were flown in from all over Europe to discuss changes in the industry and share contacts.

London escorts always feel privileged to be invited to work functions because it means the client wants to make a good impression and thinks they are the girl to do it. They circled the room shaking hands and making small talk, his companion doted on her date as if they were newlyweds and eventually sat down to eat.

The table had a wonderful mix of nationalities around it, Germans, Swedes, Italians, and of course English. They chatted and listened to speeches and all the while our champagne glasses were topped up by seemingly invisible waiters. Towards the end of the meal the alcohol had started to affect one or two of the guests and the mood became altogether more rowdy. At one point the two Germans found themselves unable to speak English any longer and began to drunkenly cast doubt on the authenticity of our young ladies (entirely natural) assets in their mother tongue.

“If she inflates herself any more she’ll float away,” said one of them whilst smiling at me and lifting his glass. She returned his gaze and in perfect private school German replied,

“And perhaps if you pour any more of those champagne bubbles into yourself we shall have a race.”

The two Germans looked at her wide eyed, then looked at each other and burst into fits of laughter. Her client smiled very sweetly asked her if she’d like to dance.

You see, our top escorts in London are calm, intelligent and beautiful. Our client knew it when he booked, and now you do too.

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