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Why do women lie about their age?

Posted on by LV
Older woman have a wealth of experience and anyone who meets our mature escorts knows this very well. There’s a relaxed feeling around a more mature escort. When you take a mature woman out to dinner, you’ll find co...

Plastic Surgery & Hollywood

Posted on by LV
We like to think that the all Hollywood stars back in the day were naturally beautiful. If you thought that they didn’t have plastic surgeons as we do today to enhance and reshape their faces and bodies, think again. ...

Female Fantasies & Male Escorts

If you think females don’t sit around fantasising about all things naughty, think again. The top 10 female sex fantasies covers everything from fetishes to threesomes, and you may be surprised to know that many ...

Treat Women Too.

Hiring escorts in London is all about treating yourself.  It’s a luxury date, a night where everything is arranged to make you happy and keep things fun.  When you spend an evening with a group of London escorts you...

From Conversation to Seduction

The city of London is a fabulous hive of entertainment, exploration and industry.  We live side by side, sometimes it feels like there isn’t an inch between us, and yet those connections have only made us and the city...

London Escort Girls

Posted on by Candy
A lot of my friends are intrigued about the life of a London escort girl.  I’m always being asked whether it’s glamorous or if I feel safe and I always tell them the same thing: a London escort girl is a first date ...




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