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Escorts Are a Lot Better Than Tinder

Posted on by LV
The internet and dating apps have made it a lot easier to hook up with sexy people and have a good time. However, although this is true it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are always guaranteed a perfect match. When y...

Do you See Escorts as a Commodity?

Posted on by LV
When it comes to booking escorts, do you see these women as a commodity to be purchased, or as individuals who chose a profession of sex work? If you are going to be spending time with escorts, it is very important that ...

Escorts Fulfil an Important Need

Posted on by LV
There is a reason why the profession of London escorts is referred to as the “world’s oldest profession” – there has always been a need for their services in society since the beginning of mankind. Whether or not...

Should You Give Escorts Tips?

Posted on by LV
So you have just had an amazing evening with one of the many gorgeous London escorts and you are about to say good night to her and head on your way. You might be wondering what the appropriate social etiquette might be...

Incall Escorts and what to Expect

Posted on by LV
When you meet with incall escorts you will be going to her location, which is usually her home or apartment. There are some advantages to this, especially if you want to be discreet and avoid having her visit you at your...

24 Hour Escorts Love to Party

Posted on by LV
I am a top escort and I really love to party! Like many other party escorts in London I tend to work odd hours, often being invited to parties and on dates with clients in the evening, night or even early in the morning...

Tips for Visiting Escorts

Posted on by LV
As an escort, I meet with my clients in two different ways. Sometimes I come to visit them at their home or hotel and other times they come to my flat for our date. So what should you know if you are planning an incall m...

Reasons to Visit London Escorts

Posted on by LV
When you meet with an incall escort you will be visiting her at her accommodation – whether that is a suite provided by the agency or her own apartment. As an escort I prefer to work this way myself because it is safer...

What is the life of London Escorts Like?

Posted on by LV
The other day someone asked me what the life of a London escort such as myself is like… I said that it’s hard to say because every single day is different! I usually sleep in most mornings, especially if I was up la...

Escorts Can Help You End the Night Right

Posted on by LV
When you return from a night of dancing and enjoying the scene in London, some hot sex is the perfect way to end the evening. After a fun and stimulating night on the town, there are a lot of reasons why you might be in ...




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