The Dark Lady and the Blonde Bombshell

My friend Delia (she uses a different name professionally) and I both do some work for a Cheap Escort Agency. Sometimes we even work as a pair as that’s something that floats a lot of men’s boats.

Delia is a physical contrast to me as she’s slim and wiry, has short dark hair and dark colouring. I, on the other hand, am curvy, I’ve got long blonde hair, blue eyes and English rose colouring. You can see why we look good together.

Delia has another job, besides the Cheap Escort Agency. She’s an actress, but she’s such a good one you probably wouldn’t recognise her. That sounds strange I know, but I think it’s the sign of a great actress that she immerses herself so fully in the role that you only see the character and not the actress. Delia mainly works on the stage and jobs can be few and far between; hence the escort work.

I suppose I do the same thing. When I’m on a date with a client, I immerse myself in that role fully. I’ll find out about my client – what does he like? What does he want to chat about? What does he want to do and I’ll oblige him on all levels.

You’d be surprised though at the really ordinary stuff some clients want to do. Just the other week for instance I had a client at the Agency who just wanted to go out to the pub, chat a little and mostly watch TV. I know, you’re shaking your head at that and thinking what a waste of an evening.

But he was in the city overnight on his own and really fancied just snuggling up and watching TV. I was happy to oblige. I’m not a big fan of pubs – or TV for that matter – but you know, I’ve had much worse evenings.

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