Champneys are the champions

Well ladies – are you enjoying the world cup football tournament? I suspect not particularly – although I know some of you were rooted to your TV and iPad screens when England played at the beginning (a rather fleeting appearance – although it’s not good to say this in public). Personally the only thing I like about the footie (when I’m forced to watch it) is seeing those lithe, athletic young men who are the peak of physical performance, running around a field dribbling with a football. That little action drama certainly makes up for having to listen to those four guys in the presenters studio every break time droning on about ‘tactics’ and ‘amazing football.’ What would be amazing was if their mikes were suddenly to go on mute for a blessed ten minutes. Honestly, it’s enough to make a girl reach for yet another bottle of wine.

Still, I cheered myself up by treating myself to a few days at a luxury Champney’s Spa there. What a wonderful oasis it turned out to be (for a start no footie!). There was, however, plenty of massage, zumba, some body wraps and a touch of t’ai chi – yes, minute after relaxing minute was worth every pretty penny, and more. I like to go to Champney’s on my own, although there have been occasions when I’ve gone with a female friend. I think you get more from a spa experience by not chatting but rather immersing yourself in the moment – it’s a bit like my own massage with clients at the top escort agency I occasionally work with. I like to totally focus to the extent I often forget where I am. It’s as if I become one with the client – if that doesn’t sound a bit too New Agey for you?

Anyhow, have to go now. It’s my turn to update Why not pop on over and take a look at some of the other girls posts?

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