Favourite Things

Do you have a favourite pair of cufflinks or a particularly stylish suit?  Do you have a scarf you couldn’t live without or a ring that brings back fond memories?  Whether you’re interested in the way you look or you’re more of a casual kind of guy there is often one favourite item that we return to time and time again.  We know what we look good in, and we feel great when we wear it.

London escort agencies make sure all of their girls look fabulous but if you date escorts regularly you’ll soon recognise that they all have favourite items of clothing; a keepsake or a lucky charm, a well-loved gown or a killer heel.  We dress up in different outfits every day of the week but most of us let nostalgia take over every once in a while.

My favourite item of clothing is my silk and lace baby doll.  Underwear has always been my favourite type of clothing but that little black night dress is the best of all.  When I slip it on over my shoulders I feel like a princess.  The colour makes my tanned skin look creamy and it’s just see-through enough to be seriously sexy.  I wear it under longer dresses to dinner sometimes, knowing that later on I can unzip myself and reveal a perfectly passionate look beneath.

London escort agencies don’t really have rules for their girls when it comes to fashion, but of course the sexier the better.  My baby doll makes me feel elegant and downright dirty at the same time.  Everyone who sees it desires me more, and that’s why I’ll always keep it with me.

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