Taste Good Naked

Escort agencies in London provide dates for every occasion.  They’ve heard all your filthiest fantasies before and they’ve got a girl for every kind of wild weekend.  At the escort blog we often write about the kind of dates we’ve been on, we enjoy London more when our dates are inventive and unusual and we swap stories of the best ideas our boyfriends have had.  An escort agency that can’t deliver your desires on a plate is no escort agency at all, so come up with something wonderful and book a date you’ll remember forever.

One of my most memorable dates had a birthday party theme.  I was told to arrive in my sexiest party dress and make sure I was hungry.  When I walked into my date’s dining room I saw a banquet that was half Marie Antoinette and half Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.  There were sweet treats covering every inch of the table, from ice cream and jelly to fruit dipped in honey, and my date wanted us to try it all!

I’m sure I can trust you all to use your imaginations when it comes to how the night progressed, but it’s safe to say that my skin had never tasted as delicious as it did on that day.  My finger tips glistened with sticky, shiny sweetness and my lips were so sugary that they sparkled.  We gorged ourselves on all the best things in life that night; good company, delicious food and saucy seduction.

Escort agencies in London can make any fantasy a reality.  Why not have a taste of the good life?

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