Erogenous Excitement

What’s your favourite part of the body? Do you like South American lovers with bouncing bosoms or European ladies with beautiful bottoms?  Whatever your particular delectation there’s always more to explore and I know my favourite places to start are the erogenous zones.

The erogenous zones of the body are complex and joyous things.  Split into two categories (specific and non- specific zones) they act as pleasure sensors for the lightest touch to the sharpest bite. How deeply have you explored the areas of your body that can offer up waves of ecstasy with a single spank?

The specific erogenous zones let you know they’re there, they cry out for what they want with a throbbing impatience that can’t be ignored. They wait until you’re in the back of a cab with a pair of Brazilian escorts and then they scream out, demanding immediate and forceful recognition. They are impatient and insatiable and they drive us absolutely wild.

As much as the specific erogenous zones can overpower us, for some it is the non-specific zones which can prove the most fun to discover. Why keep going back to the same place every time when any area of your body that is packed full of nerve endings can deliver you to places indescribable? A soft kiss on your temple might provoke a rapturous thrill never before experienced, depending on who bestows the kiss, how they choose to do it and of course what they’re wearing at the time.

Try stroking a feather across a ladies eyelids and watch her relax into a state of pleasure you’ve never known. Or close your eyes while she runs a bright red nail slowly down your spine, feel it tingle and come alive, awakening every sense in your body as your blood pumps harder and surges through you.

To discover hidden wonders all over you body all you need is an evening to yourself and someone with a delicate touch (or a devilish bite!) Our London escorts will let your imagination unravel so why not shut everything out for the evening while you discover a new place to play.

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