Shoe Fetish

Who doesn’t love expensive shoes? Shoes have become an integral part of any London escorts wardrobe as well as a fashion must. Gone are the days when shoes were worn to protect the feet. What was primarily invented to protect and provide comfort to the feet has become another symbol of luxury.

Shoes can range from a few hundreds to thousands of pounds.. But for the ultra rich, shoes also serve as an indicator of a person’s social status. The high fashion shoes, designed by top designers are made using expensive materials. These shoes normally cost thousands of dollars. However, there are some shoes, the price of which will surely blow your mind.


Louis Vuitton

Manhattan Richelieu Men’s Shoes – £10,000

This brand is considered to be the epitome of luxury in the world of fashion. So, it makes sense that the product it delivers will be incredibly detailed. And it shows in the vintage style and craftsmanship of these shoes. But does the waxed alligator skin along with the complex stitch patterns and nuanced perforation motif make the price tag worth it?



Air Mag 2016 – £74,000

Only a 100 were manufactured by the brand, making them incredibly rare.  These trainers are battery-powered and feature a motor and command an average market price of £74,000. This edition of the Air Mag was directly lifted from the 80’s movie Back to the Future II. While the auto-lacing feature and lights in that pair were achieved using cinematic effects, 30 years later, all that technology has become a reality.

If you’re a fan of trainers then this is one shoe you might consider taking out a second mortgage.



Shoes – £38,000

The leather used to make these shoes is the best alligator leather in the world and is extremely durable. The craftsmanship is well ahead of its time, even though the brand dates all the way back to 1929. Another main reason why these shoes are so expensive is its super water-resistance property, which is something every man wants in an ideal pair of leather shoes.

Even if you don’t much care for shoes, you have to agree that these shoes appear stunning. Considering each pair costs you a staggering £38,000.


Stuart Weitzman

Diamond Dream Stilettos – £500,000

The Diamond Dream stilettos that are a girl’s best friend were handcrafted using 1,500 diamonds, each worth 30 karats. No wonder they command their price tag. If you’re ready to shell out £500,000 you can have this beautiful pair in your possession. We are sure anyone of our escorts would absolutely love a pair of these!!



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