Let Male Escorts in on Your Fantasy.

When it comes to dating an escort there’s no reason to hold back.  You can go on a normal, boring date with a normal, boring man any day of the week so when you decide to date a dream guy why should the setting for your date stay mediocre?  Match the kind of date you have with the kind of man you’re dating and you’ll soon find yourself living a fantasy London lifestyle.

Role play and fantasy are extremely popular for men dating female escorts, but isn’t it time male escorts got to join in?  If you’re looking to date male escorts in London then don’t waste your time by going out for a few drinks in your local, get creative!  Role play puts the fun into any date and it gives you something to plan and fantasise about while you’re at work all week.

This week I’ve been asked to write for the escort blog because I’m preparing for a James Bond themed date, and I can tell you it’s the most fun I’ve had getting to know my date in a long time!  So far we’ve swapped emails detailing exactly how we will dress, what we will drink and where we will meet.  We’ve even discussed exactly how I’m going to try to seduce my date and what aftershave I’ll wear.  I look forward to seeing my date’s name in my inbox and I’m counting down the hours to the date itself.

If I can have this much fun just preparing for my role play date imagine how much fun you would have experiencing one.  Male escorts in London are famous for being fun loving and experimental, so why not push their boundaries and see what kind of fun you can have with them?  I’ll certainly be dusting down my tuxedo and giving it my all this weekend, why not do the same?

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