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There isn’t a single person in London, no matter who they are or what they do, that doesn’t fantasise.  I dedicate hours of my week to fantasy and I enjoy every second of it!  No matter how focused you are on your work or how happy you are at home I can almost guarantee that your mind still slips into a daydream every now and then.

Fantasies come in two different forms, fantasies that pop up suddenly and unexpectedly, and fantasies that have been rolling around in your imagination for a while.  The first type might happen when a good looking guy wanders past your window, or a handsome stranger winks at you on the tube.  In these situations we feel the fantasy in our stomach just as much as we see it play out in our minds, we get a sudden glimpse of how we’d spend an hour with that person and then more often than not we hide the idea away again.

The second type of fantasy is a recognised part of our consciousness, we start with a naughty thought about a pair of male escorts and then over a period of time we build and develop the fantasy until it is perfect, we bring it to mind every time we want to treat ourselves to a daydream and sometimes we even try to bring it to life.

Male escorts know all about those fantasies you’ve been having.  They’ve heard all the juicy details of your subconscious and they love being a part of them.   How do I know this?  Because I date male escorts and I know that the best kind of date is the one where you tell them everything.

If you want a male escort to pick you up from work so that everyone can see the two of you together then tell him that.  If you want to take him dancing in your ex-boyfriend’s favourite club then you have to let him know.  And when you want to take it easy, eating, drinking and flirting then prepare him for it when you arrange the date.

I let male escorts take care of everything on my fantasy wish list, from role play to romance and back again so trust me when I say: sometimes daydreams do come true!

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