I could be your neighbour

Guess what – I have a normal life. Yes, one that could be classed as typical in the sense that I don’t do drugs, never drink too much, certainly don’t swear all the time and you couldn’t accuse me of committing petty crime on a regular basis (maybe a few lipsticks as a teenager but didn’t every girl?). In other words, I’m pretty much a model citizen.

So, although I work for a London Escort Agency shouldn’t I have a routine life too in the sense that I have a partner and even a child? To me working for one of the London Escort Agencies is fun, stimulating, and means I never have to worry about money. But, for me, it’s not a way of life.

Like thousands of other people living out there my profession is a means to providing me with what I need to participate in a life outside of work. I’m so domesticated I even have two cats and a few fish, for goodness sake.

When I go to work however, my persona completely changes. And that’s fine. I become who my client wants me to be. Is it like role playing? I suppose it is. But we’re both indulging in that and frankly what’s the harm? In terms of charades it’s a lot more fun than attending the local amateur dramatics class in a drafty old church hall, that’s for sure!

As for my partner – yes, he’s aware of how our joint income adds up (I make around three times more than he does a month) and he benefits from it. And no, he doesn’t object to my spending time with men who obviously find me attractive. In fact he sees it as none of his business since I was an escort long before I met him.

For all you know I could be living next door – so try and drop the stereotyping!

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