24 Hour Escorts – For When You Can’t Sleep

I don’t know about you, but I am somewhere of an insomniac. It’s actually an advantageous trait for 24 hour escorts, so I don’t mind. I often find myself up until sunrise, then sleeping until noon. I just find the night hours more exciting!

As a 24 hour escort, I often tend to work late at night. Sometimes clients will give me a call at 2am because they are in a frisky mood. I don’t mind staying up all night so that I can meet with one of my sexy gentleman clients and give him a night to remember. It’s a lot of fun romping under the sheets until the sun comes up! Sometimes clients who love morning sex will invite me to be their “alarm clock” and to wake them up at the crack of dawn… which is always exciting! After all, why should I be asleep when there is so much sexy fun to be had? If you want to meet up with me, no matter what hour of the night, just give me a call!

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