London’s top eateries

After a lovely culinary experience over Easter at Chelsea’s Restaurant Gordon Ramsay it got me and a girlfriend pondering today over our five top favourite places to be wined and dined at (well, let’s face it – we’re not paying for it ourselves; not at those prices!).

Restaurants such as the exquisite Michelin 3-starred classy French eaterie mentioned above are quite regularly frequented by an older gentleman and young lady partner, you’ll find. On closer inspection in the ladies toilets I usually find they’re escorts in London – many of whom I’ve come to regard as colleagues; others a pain in the butt but then, that’s a whole other blog post.

Anyways, back to our favourite restaurants in this wonderful cosmopolitan city of ours. As well as Gordon Ramsay, other celebrity chef and their restaurants we rate (the stipulation being that we’d had to have eaten there at least twice) are: Michel Roux’s Le Gavroche in Mayfair. Again French fine dining and a two Michelin star rating this time. Incidentally, I just love the fact that male diners MUST wear and shirt and jacket otherwise they won’t be served. And isn’t Michel himself cute ladies? It’s those twinkly eyes of his – they seem to promise so much fun.

So, to restaurants… Thomasina Mier’s Wahaca is also a big favourite. Well, who doesn’t love stodgy, starchy, comforting Mexican food? The atmosphere here is great if you’re feeling in a party mood.

And talking about comfort food and lovely carbohydrate overload, Italian chef Giorgio Locatelli serves up the most amazing home-baked pasta at Locanda Locatelli in Mayfair. A nice intimate atmosphere too if it’s a romantic evening you’re involved in. And let’s face it, being one of the most celebrated escorts In London, there’s always a little flirtation in the air when I’m dining.

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