It’s My Time – And ‘Maybe’ Yours

Working as a London Escort I tend to have a different body clock from most folk I come into contact with. As you’d expect I start work late in the day (usually 7pm to 8pm and finish around 8am next morning – well, that’s if I’m not on a specially-extended assignment). Anyway, on ‘normal’ days I get home to my Chelsea townhouse just as the entire world is leaving for work and THEN it’s time for me to sleep – for a good six hours or so.

And, just like office workers and 99 per cent of the population, I have work email’s I have to attend to as well as admin stuff such as getting my taxes sorted out, paying the bills etc. I know – not very glamorous and not exactly the type of image you associate with classy escorts but hey, life isn’t about smelling roses all the time, otherwise we’d never appreciate those great moments.

Really, I love the flexibility my job gives me. It always makes me smile when returning home in the morning to see all those harassed workers heading for the tube or sitting in lines of traffic, their fingers drumming on the steering wheel. I never understand why they’re so impatient to get to work. Most folk you ask see their job as a necessary evil – something they have to do to get the money to do the stuff they really like.

I can honestly say I don’t feel that way about my job. Being your own boss is very empowering. And if I can’t fit someone or something into my schedule then I’ll just say so and get that other person to re-arrange. I’m certainly not about to be giving myself a heart attack dashing from place to place on someone else’s whim. That’s not how it works as far as I’m concerned.

And as for the money part. Well, that’s very nice, of course. You won’t get one complaint from this quarter on that score. And why? Because I know my worth and charge accordingly. You have to value yourself, don’t you? Because if you don’t, why should your clients – or anyone else for that matter? Just think about it.

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