Have You Been to See Us Yet?

Do you know many men – or women for that matter – who have used the services of 24 hour Escorts In London?  You probably do actually but they just won’t reveal it. That’s because there’s still a bit of a stigma about visiting an escort, even now in these days of sky high divorce rates and more people living alone than there’s ever been in the history of the world (or at least that’s what it feels like).

Not only that but here at 24/7Escorts in London we discovered some interesting statistics the other day there which showed that in a National Health and Social Life Survey, carried out in the States in 1992, one fifth of men interviewed said they’d visited an escort. That’s a pretty high number considering very few men actually admit publicly to using the services of an escort!

You only have to Google the word Escort to see how many websites there are for such services throughout the world.  After all, let’s face it, it all comes down to supply and demand. In other words, there wouldn’t be so many escort services available if there wasn’t such a need for this form of companionship in the first place.

After all some men (and women) are working too many long hours to find time to nurture a relationship yet they still enjoy being with the opposite sex. Others just don’t want the commitment a run-of-the-mill relationship would entail.

You’ll find the internet in particular has really boosted the popularity of escort services like ours – mostly because it’s easier for potential clients to browse through a variety of escorts from the comfort of their home or office, before making their choice. It’s also a lot more confidential than visiting a particular escort venue. Like many professions, the escort industry has benefitted from the immediacy of the internet.

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