Loneliness and the need for company can hit at any time, which is why I work for a escorts in London agency. I understand that need.

If you are reading this, then undoubtedly it is good to know that you can call me out at any hour as I’m one of the escorts in London. And I promise you that my services and my good cheer are the same, no matter what time of the day it is. If you call upon my services in the morning I promise you I will be chirpy and cheerful. If you decide you want an escort for the afternoon, I shall be happy to oblige.

If an evening date is more to your taste, then I will be delightful company from 6pm onwards and if an overnight service is required, you will find me to be an entertaining and intriguing company as you can imagine from the first second you spend in my company to the last.

Naturally, I plan my working life around my outside life. I figured out that freedom to plan and pick the working hours which suit me is one of the things that I really love about being an escort. For example, this week I really needed to get my hair done (regular trims keep it glossy you see), but I only trust one hairdresser and he is very much in demand so I needed to ensure I could make the appointment.

And then there is my grandmother. She is all on her own and a little frail so I like to make sure I can see her at least two afternoons a week and make sure she is eating properly. I wouldn’t be able to visit her nearly so much if it wasn’t for my escort work.

Tonight, I have an evening date with a regular client who always chooses Sunday evenings for his appointments. Something to do with ensuring he has a pleasant end to his week. Booking me is definitely one way you can guarantee a great end to your week.

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