Summer scenarios to seek out

What do you have planned for your summer this year? Will your job be taking you to London – or sending you out of it? Are you planning a city break here or a city break away, in one of the UK’s other cities or maybe you’re even looking at booking a short flight away to one of Europe’s capital cities?

I’m no doubt going to make you a tad envious here but as one of the top 24 hour Escorts in London, I’ve got a busy summer ahead. There are a lot of bookings in my diary for the months of June, July and August and, as usual, I’m looking forward to all of them.

I’ll be visiting The Oxo Tower in London with one client, for instance. Of course I’ve been there before, but it’s always such a treat to visit this fine dining experience and laugh in good company – not to mention the incredible views across the whole of the London skyline.

Another client is taking me to Paris for the weekend. He’s London-based, but he runs a couple of businesses over there and will be checking out their progress. He’s one of my regulars and he asked me to come with him as he feels there’s no point in taking a trip to one of the world’s most romantic destinations without having a beautiful woman on your arm. I agree!

I’m also flattered and excited. The popular song points out the beauties of Paris in the springtime, but I think the city is at its best in the summer. Even those legendary rude French waiters seem to cheer up a little when the sun’s out.

So you can see my summer is going to be entertaining and busy. I think it shows you how varied the life 24 hour Escorts in London are – and that we’re not always just in London, or even the UK. I’ll keep you posted on my summer dalliances and what I get up to so make sure you check out for regular updates. Au-revoir!

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