Manners make the man

Maybe it’s because I live in such a sophisticated and multicultural city, but working for a London Escort Agency means I have incredibly high standards.

You might think that by high standards I mean that I demand only to be taken to upmarket venues and look for a lot of money to be spent on me. Well ladies, that couldn’t be further from the truth. When I talk about standards, I mean that I’m a bit of an old-fashioned gal at heart – even though my girlfriends would scoff at the idea. It’s true though.

I adore chivalry and gallantry and I want the man who takes me out as his escort to indulge in some good old-fashioned manners. I want him to open doors for me and fully expect him to pull out a chair before I sit down. I presume that he won’t swear in front of me and I’ll be ecstatic if he remembers what we have talked about earlier in the evening and can refer back to that conversation (unlike many of my male friends – or female ones come to that).

Of course it works the other way too. Courtesy can often be forgotten about in our modern and hectic lives, so I’m careful always to thank clients for taking me to great places and I make a point of listening to people properly. I’m not one of those women who nods along to conversations while planning what she will be doing tomorrow or what she’ll be buying at the supermarket (I save that for public transport).

At London Escort Agencies, the art of conversation is a skill we all have. And of course you can use this attribute to great benefit across all areas of your life. The ability to listen properly and converse with anyone is a talent which helps relationships, your working life and your ability to succeed in business. Cheers!

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