Good-bye 2019 – It’s Been a Blast

Another year over… Some of my friends dread New Year. They say they hate that time has flown past and they feel as if they haven’t achieved anything, or pursued their dreams.

Not me! As a London Escort, I have had an extremely successful year. I have made a lot of money, I have met many fascinating people and I have been to a lot of great events. I travelled to Paris with one client and I attended scores of corporate events as clients’ “dates”. One time I applauded loudly as my client was awarded the salesman of the year at this company’s annual bash, whilst on another occasion I acted as the client’s new fiancé at a large family barbecue just so that he could annoy his ex-girlfriend. It helped that I was ten times more beautiful than his ex and she sent me dagger looks all night.

Like other escorts I know I have also been showered with gifts from grateful clients. The gifts have ranged from clothing, to jewellery to chocolates. One client gave me a painting. He’s a tortured artist and he doesn’t rate his own abilities, but I reckon in a few years’ time his talents will be properly appreciated and I will find myself the owner of a piece of original and very valuable art.

So I am waving 2019 a fond farewell. It has plenty of good memories for me, and I’m sure for all the other escorts I work with. But I’m also looking forward to 2020. I am hoping that it has more of the same – lots of money, lots of gifts, lots of interesting events to attend and plenty of fascinating people to meet.

Happy 2014 everyone and remember to check out to keep up to date with everything I am up to this year.

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