Upstairs Downstairs

All escorts live in a bit of a fantasy world, a world where they are asked to be French maids one day and Russian spies the next. They meet men with healthy imaginations who want the most for their money and they’re very happy to play the part.

I work with a lot of escorts in London and we often discuss the fantasy roles that we’re asked to play, we swap props when we need them and help each other practice foreign accents. We discuss the best venues for outdoor role play and we research roles together when things start to get complicated.  But when it comes to role-play there’s something that men seem to enjoy above all other fantasies, and that’s the master/slave relationship.

Recently I’ve been asked to come and play at hotel suites where my date will be dressed as the lord of the manor and I must come as the chamber maid.  I serve him tea, I give him the papers to read and sometimes I even iron his shirts, and all the while I see him watching me.  He pretends not to but when I bend over to pick something up there’s only one place for his eyes to rest.  And if I ever make a mistake then it can’t go unpunished.  My date is in complete control and I’m just his play thing with a fabulous bottom.

Think about what your favourite fantasy might be and then see if you can find some escorts to help you bring it to life. You certainly won’t regret it!

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