Make the Best Use of Your Money

Whilst the whole of Europe tightens its belt for Brexit, Londoners don’t want to stop having fun. We all know we need to save for the future and spend money responsibly, but that doesn’t mean giving up our social lives altogether. In fact a recent study has shown that since the beginning of any economic crisis, sales of furry handcuffs and massage oils have actually increased. As far as I’m concerned that means the recession could improve the health of our sex lives as well as our bank balances.

If you love to be social then you probably go out two or three nights a week, perhaps you spend your time in casinos or nightclubs? Perhaps your eat out in some of the city’s best restaurants? Well when you need to start saving money that kind of nightlife has to be toned down, so why not bring the party back to your house and save yourself some money?

Our outcall escorts are invited to homes all across the city for wild fiestas; you don’t always have to take your date out on the town. This week I’m looking forward to a private party with ‘Noel,’ an economist who loves to have fun, but also wants to pay his mortgage.  ‘Noel’ knows a lot of escorts and he knows that burning through his bank balance at a nightclub will never compare to spending a night with one or two of his favourite girls. I’m looking forward to an evening of flirty fun where ‘Noel’ is the doorman, sommelier and D.J, and what will my job be? Well, I’ll leave that up to him to decide.

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