What do fantasies mean to you?

What do you dream about?  When you’re sitting at your desk do you daydream about a wild weekend where naughty young escorts show you a secret side of the city? Deep down you know that it’s possible, so why not share your fantasies with someone who’s just as wicked as you are?

Does your imagination wander off in the middle of the day? Do you fantasise at night time, in the dark, when you’re on your own? Or do you let your unconscious mind do the work and dream about all the wonderful women you could be spending your time with?

My own fantasies are overpowering and ever-changing, they range from the sweet and safe to the dark and perilous. My characters change and my storylines develop as I allow myself the time and freedom to bring alive the most succulent situations imaginable. What other way can I brighten up a dull train journey than delving secretly into my own version of heaven? I am transported from a lonely morning in London to a place where beautiful escorts lure me into luxurious bars and we eat and drink while staring into each other’s eyes. I look down at my own dress and then re-imagine it as a see-through ball gown and I picture the strong hands of a handsome man around my waist.

We each have our own fantasies and no one ever has to know what they are, but I’m a fun loving girl and occasionally I get the desire to add a little fantasy to my reality. Why not allow a handsome man to take me out on the town? Or maybe bring a gorgeous lady along for the ride too? I know that I enjoy the company of both sexes and that I don’t want to look back on my life and feel like I missed out on anything.


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