Let’s Dance Again

Did you know that escort agencies are experts when it comes to arranging dates for people of every different style and situation. They arrange travelling companions for businessmen, dinner dates for hotel guests and, this week at least, dance partners for men who like to move.

When I got the call to tell me I was going dancing with a man named ‘Frank’ my heart skipped a beat. I love to dance and I’m always looking for a new partner to show off to. I have a serious collection of sexy, sparkly dresses that accentuate every movement of my hips and I don’t let anyone stand in my way when it comes to hitting that dance floor. In fact I can be quite formidable and I couldn’t wait to show this ‘Frank’ a thing or two about rhythm.

As I hopped out of the cab and made my way towards the dance hall I assumed I would be the date for a man who wanted to learn how to dance but had no one to do it with. But as they say, assumption is the mother of all screw-ups and I was in for quite a surprise.

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