Overnight escorts are truly special

Being in the company of overnight escorts is special to me in many ways. Firstly, I choose my overnight escorts very carefully. After one or two not-so-good experiences I have settled on few ladies whom I want as an overnight escort for my tours outside the city. One of them, a lady from Northern England is my personal favourite. She is beautiful and has a great figure. But, what attracts me more is her charming personality. She knows me quite well and therefore whenever we are together I do not have to think of anything else other than to have a good time.

During my last visit to Edinburg, I booked her for three days. On the day of our journey, I picked her up from her place and drove to our destination. Having someone so stunning beside me was not letting me enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the region but she compensated it by gentle kisses and some naughty acts using her hand.

She was carrying some scented candles as she was aware of the fact that I am very fond of pleasing aromas. After enjoying the breathtaking locales around during the day we came back early to our room. She had already instructed the housekeeping staff to light the candles and when we entered the room it was beautifully decorated with fresh flowers and the air was thick with the smell of scented candles. She was an expert masseuse and gave me a special oil massage. My expectations were ripe with anticipation and when she was beside me under the sheet it was sheer pleasure!

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