How I spent quality time with one of the elite escorts of London

I came to know about the elite escorts of London when I first travelled to the city alone. Being a man in my 30s, I’m naturally warm-blooded and I couldn’t bear the thought of spending time alone while encountering the miserable weather of the city. A friend suggested that I hire an escort. While I wasn’t comfortable with the idea initially, I decided to give it a go.

What hit me first is the cost of hiring one of the elite escorts of London. I hadn’t the faintest idea that the services charges are so high. My friend told me that these escorts offer more than physical pleasure and they are excellent companions. I chose a weekend to hire an escort and was not unhappy when she walked into my hotel room.

Initially I didn’t know how to deal with her but thankfully, she made me comfortable within minutes. We didn’t even talk about why she was in my hotel room and instead had a long and lazy lunch. Then we went out for a movie and I was feeling totally gleeful inside as the other men couldn’t take help but almost stare at my companion.

After the movie, we had a nice dinner and a few wines got us talking more intimately. Both of is knew what was coming next and didn’t delay the inevitable. We jumped on each other the moment we entered the hotel room and the rest of the night was one of the best I have ever encountered.

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