A Females Tale of Her First Encounter With a High-Class Escort

I was nervous to say the least. I had always considered the likes of high-class escorts and the services they provide to be something focused around men. Some erotic literature online however led me to research the subject a little more and I discovered a number of escorts that accepted female clients as well and some dealt exclusively with women. I had never exactly had a shortage of options when it came to finding women, who like myself preferred to be with other women, but I must admit I was finding the idea of a virtual stranger to be rather alluring.

Even the act of searching through the gallery was quite a turn on and there was something quite empowering about picking out a potential partner in this way. I selected an absolute beauty and was able to secure an appointment with her. I still can’t believe how excited I was and the way it grew over the days leading up to the big event. I’m a confident lady in general but I was a bag of nerves as I made my way to our arranged meeting place.

It didn’t take long for me to relax though and that’s largely thanks to the skills and professionalism of my high-class escort. She was an absolute stunner and greeted me with a handshake, swiftly followed by a warm and satisfying hug. She had a sultry calmness about her that both mesmerised me and relaxed me at the same time. I pretty much let her take the lead and do what she does best and suffice to say, I had one of the best experiences of my life.

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