How I managed to live out my fantasies

I cant help but put this story into writing and share it with the world. Who would believe that dreams really can come true? I definitely didn’t used to but one night with a British escort and all of my negative world views have been dashed. I have to tell you all about the time that I first visited with an escort.

It’s a colleague at work that I have to thank. We were having a stereotypically male conversation one day about the distinct lack of a woman in my life. He told me that he doesn’t have that particular problem because he’d figured out the perfect solution. No strings, no ties, just some fun and relaxation spent in the company of a woman. He was talking about British escorts of course.

My fantasties aren’t anything too wild but nevertheless it was a night to remember. The most stunning woman opened the door when I arrived at the agreed place – her flat. She looked even better than she did in the pictures and was wearing a silky and flowing robe that subtly hid her curves but allowed me the enjoyable sight of plenty of leg.

She welcomed me in and I was really taken with her beautiful smile and wonderfully white teeth. She showed an interest in me, asking a few initial questions and offering me a drink. I was slightly on edge so I accepted a whisky on the rocks – I hadn’t done anything like this before after all. The ice would make another appearance a little later in the night but for a very different purpose!

It didn’t take long for my British escort to work her magic and really get me in a relaxed mood and highly anticipating her every next move. I can still remember each specific detail of the night and often reflect on it with fond memories. Well that’s enough reminiscing for now, maybe ill continue the story at a later date.

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