My Wife Has a New Experience Thanks to a London Model

When it comes to the woman I married, I know that I got seriously lucky. That notion has been proven numerous times over the years but recently it was reinforced to a ridiculous degree. After the odd discussion here and there, generally after a drink or too, I came to realise that my wife was open to the idea of spending some time with a female London model. I looked into the possibilities and realised that there were a few options of beautiful women who offered their services in an escort style capacity. I showed my wife some of their photo galleries and biographies and soon we had decided on one particularly lovely looking London model who tickled the fancy of both myself and my wife. Of course it was my wife who had the final decision, as it would be her who would be fully appreciating all that this young lady had to offer.

I had been granted the honour and the privilege of being present throughout their date. As the big day approached I could hardly contain my excitement and my wife very clearly and evidently was too, although she admitted only to being somewhat nervous. This was a completely new experience for the both of us and our chosen model turned out to be just the right woman for the job. She was friendly, polite and classy throughout with an utterly beautiful smile and body to die for. Despite her nerves, my wife soon settled into the occasion and by the end of the date I had never seen a smile so wide spread across her face.

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