A Visit to the Tailor is Made Exceptionally Fun

I am a stereotypical Northern man and as such shopping is never my first choice of activity or indeed my idea of fun. However, when I ended up on a shopping trip with a high-class escort, my opinion of the clothes shopping was turned on its head once and for all. I was with an escort who I had spend time with once or twice before and with whom I now had a comfortable and casual connection, which allowed us to chit-chat about general musings. I mentioned that I had a wedding coming up and that I really ought to treat myself to a nice new suit. I made her aware of the fact that I hate shopping and really wasn’t looking forward to going and kindly she offered to make it the meeting place for our next ‘session’ together. I was sceptical and not convinced that shopping was the most enjoyable way we could spend our time together but I relented and agreed none the less.

Well what I can I say other than doing just about anything including shopping with a high-class escort is a whole lot of fun. We spent the majority of the time in the tailors flirting and I loved the way she would discreetly and subtly touch me, disguising it as straightening out my shirt or adjusting my belt. Being in public with a high-class escort was an utter treat and I loved being seen with her. She even snuck into the changing room with me at one point under the guise of helping to secure my tie.  The shopping trip was a lot of fun and it continued well after we left the tailors.

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