My Favourite Day of the Month Never Fails to Disappoint

My life is fairly standard; you may even go as far as to say mundane. I have a normal 9-5 office job and the scope of my future is probably limited to middle management. I have a good circle of mates and even into our thirties we still meet up once a week for a game of football and a couple of beers at the pub. I have never been particularly interested in settling down and the odd pretty woman has come and gone over the years. Mainly I get up and get on with it and simply travel the road that life leads me. However, I do have one particular highlight that comes around once a month when I treat myself to a regular appointment with a lovely London escort. 

I love the relationship that I have developed with this beautiful and friendly woman. It started off as a one off thing but quickly turned into a regular monthly session, same date, same time. We mix up the location to a certain extent but generally go somewhere with some entertainment or good atmosphere where we can chill but also chat before checking into a hotel. There is something about knowing exactly where I stand with this London escort that makes the relationship thrilling, satisfying and loads of fun. We get on well, chat openly about what gone on in each others lives since the last meeting and simple enjoy each others company. Of course it doesn’t hurt that she’s a stunning woman with a wonderfully curvaceous figure, who knows exactly how to treat a guy like me.

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