Who Knew Keeping Secrets Could Be So Fun

My sister is a few years younger than me but nevertheless has taken over from my mother in recent years with regards to nagging me to find a good woman and settle down. The problem is I’m not a settle down with a good woman kind-of-guy and I love my freedom and independence far too much for that. Well after a few years of nagging phone call and frustrating dinners getting grilled by my sister, I’d finally had enough and blurted out that I had been seeing someone for the last six months. Well this solved one problem in that she was ecstatically happy and had stopped giving me grief, but it did of course create a new problem in that she was desperate to meet my secret and in-fact fictitious new lady.

Well I thought I was a genius when it dawned on me that I could hire a beautiful woman from a models agency to play the part of my girlfriend. And I turns out I was a genius because the evening my ‘date’ and I met my sister and her partner is a cosy London restaurant, turned out to be one of the most exciting and fun evenings of my life.  I briefed my beautiful model on the situation and the lie I had told my sister so far. Well we ran with the story, embracing the role-play that we had created for ourselves and enjoying behaving like a flirty couple in the exciting and passionate first stage of love. My sister fell for it hook, line and sinker and an evening of flirting and role-playing created a wonderfully playful and exciting bond between my date and I, which continued long after we parted from my sister.

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