An Evening of Business and Plenty of Pleasure

As a general rule, I typically prefer my dates with clients to take place somewhere quiet and private, where we can spend some time alone, be it in an intimate restaurant, somewhere outdoors or in the privacy of a hotel room. However, on this particular evening I was requested to spend a few hours accompanying a regular to a dinner meeting with a group of his business customers. As a regular I was familiar with the nature of his work and I knew that he worked in interior furnishings with his own line of distinct designs. I also understood how important it was for him that this meeting went well, so when he asked me, an English escort, to join him, I was nothing but flattered. 

In the taxi on the way to the restaurant he gave me a few pointers regarding the furniture and we decided that I would play the role of his girlfriend. I must admit that I found the whole thing very exciting, so the evening quickly became a lot more fun that I had expected. As an English escort, I know how to switch on the charm and I did a great job flattering his customers, if I do say so myself, and together we managed to secure a big contract. As you might expect, my date was extremely happy with my performance throughout the evening and he certainly showed me his appreciation later on that night, as soon as we were able to escape the restaurant and find some privacy.

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