I get all sorts of compliments on a regular basis; I don’t think I am sharing any surprises here as you will know that a escort agency offers up just as beautiful a selection of girls as the more pricier agencies do.

A compliment I got the other day was from one of my female clients. She is a regular and she really loves the female body and form which is why she always hires me. “I really like the way you do your make-up,” she said to me, “it’s so natural and it really enhances your features. Can you show me how to do my make-up in the same way?”

“Yes of course,” I said. To be honest, my client really does not make the best of herself and she tends to apply make-up with a very heavy hand. Less is more. I always say.

So I showed her all the tricks of my trade. I know, I know – you are thinking to yourself, “so is it the case that you use so much make-up and you are not actually that beautiful underneath?” Steady on – there is only so much that make-up can do, but knowing how to use it properly is a really useful skill.

I demonstrated the best use of foundation – just a small amount so that it doesn’t look like a mask, but does give an even skin tone. Then the application of bronzing power to contour cheek bones. I don’t need to emphasise mine as I have great bone structure thanks to good genes, but bronzing always helps. Then I suggested two lipsticks, a light pink gloss for daytime and a beautiful classic cherry red for night.

The client who stared back at me once we had finished the make-up lesson looked so much better.

“Thank you!” she said. I thought she looked as if she might be about to cry. “Don’t cry!” I warned, “you’ll spoil your mascara.”

She held it together. Maybe that is another string to my bow and I’ll start advertising my make-up lessons as a service for female clients. Could be interesting…

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