A new shop has opened near to where I live and it’s describing itself as a ‘toy shop for grown-ups’. Naturally, my professional interest was piqued and a girlfriend and I felt we really had to investigate and get the low down.

I hate the tarty look myself, so even my work for a great Escort Agency doesn’t compromise my personal style. Red nylon doesn’t do it for me, whereas beautifully-designed silk and lace underwear is what I’ll be wearing for any date with a client, no matter who they book with. (Unless of course the client specifies red nylon underwear, in which case I’ll oblige with a smile…)

The new shop didn’t disappoint and I came away with three carrier bags full of gorgeous underwear – a green silk bodice, lace-trimmed stockings and a cream camisole with matching French knickers. There are two or three tastefully-designed peek-a-boo items too. It’s kind of a case of, ‘now you see it, now you don’t’.

Naturally, I plan to wear the underwear for clients over the next week or so; particularly as the bodice is laced up with pink ribbons and needs a delicate touch to undo. I dress from the inside-out and I know the sky-blue wraparound dress I own will look amazing with a hint of green bodice poking out of the neckline. It’s a short dress, so a little flash of lace-topped stocking won’t go amiss either.

There were toys in the shop too – and I picked up some bits and pieces that may well add spice to the bedroom. Again, I’ll be road-testing them on clients and can report back on what works and what isn’t worth buying batteries for.

“Maybe you should start your own business selling the underwear and toys you know work,” my girlfriend said to me with a smirk.

“Maybe,” I said. She had got me thinking after all. “But I can certainly post plenty of anonymous reviews online so the women of the UK know the best things to buy to get their men up and raring to go…”

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