I truly adore my clients

I’ve been one of the Escorts in London for ten years now – and truly loved just about every minute of it. I got into escorting late though – I was 42 before I finally allowed myself to go for it (I never had the confidence before but a broken marriage where I’d played the little housewife for 20 years meant I didn’t have many options and needs must).  I certainly wasn’t sorry though. It was pretty exciting – if a little nerve-wracking right from the start. I’d dine in restaurants I’d read about in the likes of Harpers and Queens and Vogue, attending glittering opening ceremonies for galleries and hotels and I’ve seen most of the operas and lots of the theatre productions in my part of town. But best of all – I’ve had a charming and interesting companion to attend these engagements and dates with. As a result the nerves would soon go and before an hour or more had passed I’d find myself totally immersed in whatever I was seeing and be having so much fun it was difficult to say goodbye.

As one of the reasonably successful escorts in London I probably see about 20 clients a week at the moment – more than half of them are regular gents (i.e. I may not see them every week but I’ve known them for years). All of them are aged 30 or over and are extremely chivalrous and charming. Is it because I’m picky with my clients? Not necessarily – I’d say most escorts are. It’s just that actually there are a lot of lovely clients out there – most of them businessmen or executives who just need someone to listen to them, pamper them a bit and let them know how wonderful they are as a human being. That’s not a lot to ask really, is it?

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